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When Target, Nestle & Samsung need to kick-start innovation, here's what they do...

Every day, leading brands rely on our our unrivaled trend report platform to "Find Better Ideas Faster™." With enterprise level tools, exclusive PRO content and specialized access to the world's #1 largest, most-updated database of ideas, they are able to dive deeper, act smarter and make more-informed decisions. Instead of relying on the old-school trend spotters, who effectively rely on gut-instinct, our clients win more often because they benefit from the collective insight of our 100,000,000 person audience (check out our New York Times Bestselling book about it, or watch our innovation keynote speaker videos). And when their projects ramp up, they have the added capability of being just a phone call away from our dedicated trend advisors and custom reports.

2015 Trend Report


2015 Trend Report

150+ pages of need-to-know PRO Trends & 750 examples [SAMPLE]
2015 Trend Report

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Full Trend Report Library

50+ categories of trend reports in powerpoint
3,779 pages of PRO Trends & 18,895 examples
2015 Trend Reports

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$149 / Month
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Trend Hunter PRO

• #1 largest, most-updated, most-powerful consumer trend database
• Full access to all PRO trends, customizable topic tracking, demographic filters, 3,000 elearning videos & 274,000 innovation examples (updated hourly)
Trend Report Elite

$3,288 $1,788
Save 46%

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• 2015 Trend Report + Full Library + PRO (1 user, 1 year)
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Custom Reports & Advisory

• Join the world's top-tier innovators who rely on a dedicated advisor to filter chaos, scope markets and predict change with custom monthly reports & 24 hour turnaround

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Trend Reports

Extra Features

Trend Hunter's crowdsourced consumer insight represents the next generation of trend reports with a series of features that simply do not exist with any other service:

1. Customizable Platform & Tools - Filter through noise with our revolutionary, customizable dashboard, called the "Netflix of New Ideas"/

2. 250,000 Examples, Updated Hourly - Gain professional-level access to the world’s largest database of new ideas - more than 20x larger than the closest competitor.

3. 3,000+ Innovation Videos - Educate your team with our curated collection of the world's most inspiring innovation videos which are categorized, scored, and organized into courses.

4. Award-Winning Innovation Toolkit - We'll help you kick-start innovation with a variety of extra tools, like free PDF copies of our award-winning book, "Exploiting Chaos - 150 Ways to Spark Innovation," and our upcoming book, "BETTER & FASTER - The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas."

5. 10,000 Trackable Topics - Track your industry, market, and competitors using custom filters and categories.

6. Searchable Demographics - All PRO Trends™ and examples are now scored on: Popularity, Activity, Freshness, Age Demographics, Gender Balance and Region. These scores are featured on our downloadable presentations and can also be used to filter ideas that are more relevant.

7. Trend Advisory - Allow our team to hunt trends on your behalf, and teach your team cutting-edge methods for identifying opportunity.

8. Innovation Workshops - When the CEO of Sony, Victoria's Secret or IBM require top-tier consulting or 'The Perfect Kickoff', they rely on our CEO, Jeremy Gutsche, and now you are just a phone call away.

Top 6 Advantages

Top 6 Trends Hunter Advantages
1. The #1 Largest and Most Updated Innovation Database
Get relevant content! With DAILY UPDATES, 3779 PRO Trends, 151,160 related examples, and 50+ downloadable reports, Trend Hunter is by far the largest and most updated source for professional consumer trend research.

2. Crowdsourced, Crowd Filtered and Measured
Increase your certainty! Our content is collected by a global network of 166,073 Trend Hunters, the world’s largest trend spotting network. On top of that, with the world's largest audience of trend spotters, we're able to "crowd filtered" using our 2,404,000,000 views of data to identify "the best" micro-trends.

3. Awesome & Inspiring
Love your job! If you actually think innovation and creativity should be fun, Trend Hunter was built for you. We've achieved more than 2 BILLION page views for a reason: we find exciting, inspiring and engaging content that you'll love so much you'll want to share it with your kid just much as you'll want to share it with your CEO.

4. Hyperlinked
Never miss a perfect example! All 151,160 examples link to our online articles, including thousands of videos and galleries.

5. Award-Winning Toolkit
Take your innovation skills to the next level. Trend Hunter is an award-winning business with an award-winning innovation book, award-winning advisors and an award-winning CEO. We're newer to the game, but we are the fastest growing and most disruptive trend company BECAUSE we are based on winning analytics and use an approach that will make you more successful. It's not that our awards need to matter, but they are a reminder that you are working with a platform so next-level that has become the go-to source for trend insight for billionaires, CEOs and competitive media outlets like The New York Times, CNN, WIRED, The Economist, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, and Entertainment Tonight.

6. Get Custom Research
You might want custom research right away, but even if you don't, you'll be assured that you are just a phone call away from the most customized research one could get with such a fast turn around and low price. When you're in a pinch or are ready to improve your innovation capabilities, we are waiting and ready to help you pounce on your next opportunity.

Trend Hunter's Business Model & Methodology

Sample PRO Trends: The Top 20 Trends in 2015

PRO Dashboard Overview

Client Testimonials

Meet Some of Our Trend Advisors

Pro / Trend Report FAQs

What is a PRO Trend?
A PRO Trend is our term for a cluster of 4-12 examples that appear to be meaningful. We look for PRO Trends in many different industries, but we try to choose PRO Trends based on their ability to inspire ideas across multiple industries. To date, we have identified 3779 PRO Trends using 27970 examples. In our Trend Reports, each PRO Trend is written up on one slide, and each examples is hyperlinked to an article on TrendHunter.com. You can read samples at TrendHunter.com/PRO.

Can I see a sample of your trend reports before I buy?
You bet! Make sure to check out our sample Trend Hunter PRO articles and download a sample of our PPT trend reports. That way you can be confident that our work fill fit your needs and get a chance to test out the little bells and whistles that make our tools more useful. You might also want to watch our Top Trends in 2015 video.

How can I use these trends in my innovation process?
We live in a world where micro-trends and viral innovation surround us. That makes it easy to find new trends, but it also makes inspiration distracting. You already have projects to work on, customer research, deadlines and other stuff to do. The key is to create a system of tools that help you to filter through all the noise. Trend Hunter PRO is one of those tools, and to help you make the most of it, we like to send all our customers a free copy of our award winning book, "Exploiting Chaos - 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change." It details more examples that you can use to make your innovation more effective.

There are a lot of places to find trends online, shouldn't I look at them?
For sure, especially if you find niche publications in your industry. The way that our research is different is that we are quantitatively testing crowdsourced micro-trends using 2,404,000,000 views of data. Our goal then is to help companies make sense of all the noise, and better understand the PRO trends that will actually matter.

What is the difference between Trend Hunter PRO and TrendReports.com?
Both services leverage the same 3779 PRO Trends, but Trend Hunter PRO is an online database and TrendReports.com is a library for our 50+ PDF and PPT reports.

Are the industry trend reports different from the regular trend report?
The regular trend report is a full compilation of the individual industry reports. Because it is such a large report, we have broken it down by industry to make it easier for you to locate trends that are relevant to your brand. Note that inspiration can come from many different areas so it is still beneficial to look at industries outside of your own.

How do you identify your trends?
We've developed a proprietary process that uses both crowdsourcing and crowd filtering to uncover patterns in the market. We have the largest trend spotting network crowdsourcing thousands of ideas each month. To uncover “the most popular” trends—the PRO trends—we crowd filter our database looking for meaningful patterns that have the potential to spark innovation.

Why is it better to be crowdsourced?
Crowdsourcing allows us to take ideas directly from our community of trend spotters. Because this lets the consumer’s voice shine through, it provides a more accurate representation of market interests. The large amount of ideas and information made possible through crowdsourcing is also a unique advantage that cannot be met through traditional market research methods.

Why is it so important to ALSO crowd-filter?
The vast number of ideas derived from crowdsourcing only becomes useful to businesses when they are organized into relevant patterns. Trend Hunter crowd-filters its micro-trends, leveraging millions of views to uncover “the best” ideas determined by community choice and popularity. Thus, only the most crowd-relevant ideas and patterns are exposed.

Can I pay by invoice?
Yes. Fill out the invoice form by clicking on “Pay by Invoice/Phone” under the “Order Now” button and our team will send you an invoice shortly. Note that paying by invoice means that you will not receive the trend research until your payment has been confirmed. Alternatively, ordering online means you will be able to download the Trend Report and access the PRO database immediately upon payment confirmation.

Can I call in my order?
Yes, we now accept credit card orders over the phone. Click on “Pay by Invoice/Phone” under the “Order Now” button and fill out the invoice form. An invoice will be sent to you shortly, at which time you can respond requesting a phone payment. You will be able to download the Trend Report and access the PRO database immediately upon payment confirmation.

Who can I share my report and database access with?
Our copyright policy is that you can share the Trend Report and access information to the PRO database only with those on your immediate team. Please do not share, copy and distribute, publish or present the Trend Report or any information found in the PRO database outside of your team. Our system tracks IP addresses and the geolocation of each accounts access to ensure fair use.

Can I reference this work in my own reports?
You may reference the Trend Report in your own reports provided that proper attribution and credit is given to Trend Hunter Research, Inc. Note, however, that you may not copy and distribute, publish or present any part of the Trend Report or any information found in the PRO database outside of your immediate team.

Do you have special access for journalists?
We do have a unique service available for journalists. Just let us know your story and we can provide you with applicable and relevant PRO Trends, as well as relevant quotes for you to use in your story.

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