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Trend Hunter is the world's largest, most popular, trend report and consumer insight platform because of big data and our award-winning market research methods. For context, we're 10 years old with 3 billion views of data, 3 million fans, 300,0000 articles and roughly 30x more traffic than other trend firms. We're founded by a New York Times Bestselling innovation expert who grew a $1 billion portfolio for a bank, based on data, consumer insight and analytics. Leveraging that, we've created Trend Hunter like a giant innovation focus group that 130,000,000 people have been a part of, leading to the best trend report research and consumer insight because of big data.

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Learn how top innovators like Nestle,
Adidas & Target customize their dashboards

Our secret? Imagine 175,000 people hunting ideas for you & a 130,000,000 person focus group

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research client unilever "Trend Hunter is a great resource because it's all about simplifying the chaos. There's a lot in this world, and we hear about trends a lot, and Trend Hunter helps us simplify and make it a lot more palpable."
- Consumer & Marketing Insight Manager

The result? We remove 90% of the time & costs of custom research, while enhancing insight

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trend report client abinbev "Trend Hunter Advisory is key, because it opens your eyes. Take 20 minutes, go in another room and look at what's happening in the world, look at what Trend Hunter is feeding you, because that's going to be the most important 20 minutes of your week." - Global Head of Innovation

We offer three levels of Trend Reports, so you can get the most from our platform

custom trend reports and market research

1. The 2016 Trend Report - Our must-read reveal of the 100 need-to-know trends and consumer insights that will impact your consumer, hyperlinked to 500+ articles and videos.

2. Trend Report Library - 80+ categories of premium trend reports with a report archive of more than 5,000 pages of market research and 25,000 hyperlinked articles for one low price.

3. Custom Trend Reports - Fast, cost-effective custom consumer insight to find better ideas, faster while helping save time, effort and money. As low as $800, as quick as 24 hours.

Better understand your consumer with our top 100 data-driven, need-to-know opportunities

2016 Trend Report Research
Join thousands of innovators and consumer insight leaders who enhance their decisions with our most popular trend report. The master 2016 Trend Report features 100 pages of data-driven consumer insights and opportunities hyperlinked to 500 more examples on Trend Hunter. Last year, this report was $1,500, but this year it is only available as part of the full library, or FREE* to market research, insight and innovation professionals in Fortune 1000 brands.

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Unlock 80+ categories of 2016 Trend Reports and Consumer Insights for one low price

Trend Reports Research
More Categories & Samples

INSPIRING CONSUMER INSIGHT - Our 2016 Trend Reports feature our Consumer Insights, which are data-driven clusters of opportunity impacting the next 1-4 years. Each Consumer Insight includes 4 - 10 examples hyperlinked to full articles on Trend Hunter.

SCORING & VALIDATION - Instead of using gut instinct, like every other trend firm, we've measured 3 billion choices from 130,000,000 people and every page includes age, region and gender demographics with measures of: popularity, interest level and freshness.

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Get custom reports on almost any consumer topic in as little as 24 hours, for as low as $800

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Join HALF of the world's most powerful brands who rely on our custom research. Our 130,000,000 person virtual focus group and our media success allow us to extract costs while accelerating research. Contact us for a quick, free assessment of your topic and we can get to work immediately to help you save effort and get up to speed quickly.

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Our reports are presentation-ready, hyperlinked to examples, and loaded with data, demographics, insights & infographics in 3 exciting formats

Trend Reports and Consumer Insight Data

Every page of Consumer Insight includes 4-10 examples which are hyperlinked to full articles on Trend Hunter, so when you get inspired, you can dive deeper. A typical report might include 70 pages of insight with 300 hyperlinked examples, so you can digest the information in a quick browse, or further explore each intriguing concept.

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Explore beyond your reports with your customizable version of the #1 Trend Platform

Best Consumer Trend Research Platform

i. Full TrendReports.com Library - Access your 80+ categories of trend reports

ii. The #1 Trend Database - Explore 300,000 trend-based innovations & 5,000 Insights

iii. Individually Customizable - Track 10,000+ topics, save lists, filter noise, find inspiration

iv. eLearning - Up your trend & innovation skills with training & 3,000 eLearning videos

v. Custom Trend Newsletters - Stay on the cutting edge with your favorite topics

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With over 300,000 published articles and 10,000 topics,
we have research and big data on almost any consumer topic
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