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Every day, top-tier innovators rely on our idea-filled credit crunch reports, trend report library, customizable dashboard and dedicated advisors to identify new opportunities, make better decisions and deep dive new markets.

About the Credit Crunch Report - Trend Hunter’s Credit Crunch Trend Report identifies spending trends and money trends within times of financial chaos. Economic uncertainty and recession have lead to financial cutbacks and bad credit; accordingly, more companies have embraced new ways to market to the bargain-minded consumer. This might include creating minimally designed products, cheap chic fashion or recycled goods.

Who It's For - Saving money on discount products is ideal for the recession-bound consumer. Our research uncovers the ways in which some companies are appealing to this growing market. As a marketer, designer or decision-maker in either a big or small business, you too can benefit from the insight provided in our report. Don’t let economic circumstances challenge your company’s success. Use the Credit Crunch Trend Report to understand today’s budget-conscious consumer, identify emerging opportunities and innovate with insight.

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The Credit Crunch Report
Last published on Jul 22, 2014, the Credit Crunch Report includes 79 PRO Trends (79 Pages) and 753 examples of credit crunch market research and credit crunch consumer trends related to: spending trends, money trends, financial crisis, economy, recession, bad credit, bargains, cheap fashion, discount products, budgets and credit crunch trends. The report includes all of our Credit Crunch research collected over the last few years.

What You'll Get:
• 79 Page / Slide Presentation Credit Crunch PPT Report

• 79 Credit Crunch PRO Trends
• 753 Credit Crunch Examples
• 105 Credit Crunch Videos (Online) Credit Crunch Videos
• 4,518 Credit Crunch Images (Online) Credit Crunch Images
• Additional Niche Reports (with a full subscription): Alcohol, Champagne, Extreme, Football, Golf, Hockey, Hunting, Party, Bar, Cheese, Juice, Pop, Burgers, Cigarettes, Circus, Bacon, Barbecue, Water, Candy, Chicken, chocolate, Pizza, Milk, Cookies, Dairy, Dinner, Ice Cream, Restaurant, Pants, Sugar and more!

Sample Credit Crunch Pro Trends - Each Credit Crunch PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online credit crunch articles, videos and images. Examples:

Cottage Couture Cabin life conveys a toned-down opulence while emphasizing nature Implications - As cities increase more and more in population, the ability to get away from it all truly becomes a luxury. Once considered a vacation for those who couldn’t afford a trip overseas, cottages now serve as the ultimate nirvana. With the end of the recession, consumers make an attempt at being credit-savvy by showing off their money in a toned-down, eco-friendly manner.
Cottage Couture
Cabin life conveys a toned-down opulence while emphasizing nature
12 Examples + Score + Implications

Prefab 2.0 Homeowners opt for modular houses for a budget-friendly real estate alternative Implications - The rise of the caravan gave homes to a generation of nomads, and now their children are young adults. Instead of buying overpriced homes in a down market, consumers are mortgaging land and empty lots to buy modular homes--a 21st-century alternative to the "own your house, rent your land" ideal.
Prefab 2.0
Homeowners opt for modular houses for a budget-friendly real estate alternative
10 Examples + Score + Implications

Unservice Self-serve establishments save money by giving customers control Implications - Forward-thinking business are putting some of their labor into the hands of customers, not only saving companies money, but also empowering customers by giving them a sense of independence and creative control. Among demographics that value customization and autonomy, unservice is a win-win for all.
Self-serve establishments save money by giving customers control
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Prodependency Promoting the benefits of cohabitation Implications - The credit crunch has caused many couples to move in together more rapidly than they would have before due to financial logic. Consumers feel supported by, and therefore favor, companies that promote the benefits of "what's mine is yours" relationships and of cohabitation.
Promoting the benefits of cohabitation
12 Examples + Score + Implications

Rental Culture (UPDATE) The credit-crunch compromise for consumerism Implications - Rental culture became a notable trend in 2008, but the recession has turned temporary ownership into a huge business opportunity. Whether it's a trial before investing in something pricey, a taste of something unaffordable, or the ability to fake status, rentals cater to those who want it all, but can't afford it.
Rental Culture (UPDATE)
The credit-crunch compromise for consumerism
11 Examples + Score + Implications

Nomadabodes Chic temporary housing for travelers and those in transition Implications - The recession has caused an influx of temporary housing options. The reasons for urban nomadism range from being in a stage of transition, such as living in a temporary abode instead of permanent downsizing, to a desire to pursue more travel opportunities with increased time away from work.
Chic temporary housing for travelers and those in transition
8 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS 73 more Credit Crunch PRO Trends and 753 examples!

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