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The Syrup Trend Report looks at the many uses for syrup, including it as an addition to breakfast, or an alternative sweetener or for flavoring in beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. At the same time, the report identifies original, unique new syrups. With the rise of the health and maker movements, new fruit and plant syrups are being used as healthy alternatives to sugar, and artisanal, homemade maple syrups and flavored beverage syrups are gaining popularity.

Who Custom Syrup Market Research is For

The Syrup Trend Report is an essential resource for product developers in the food and beverage industry, especially those focusing on flavor innovation and alternative ingredients. These product designers will find valuable information on new developments and consumer preference in their industry in our crowd-filtered research report. Monitoring the emergence of new forms of flavored syrups, fruit syrups, maple syrup and healthy sweeteners, the Syrup Trend Report contains information that can be applied to effectuate flavor innovation in the food and beverage industry.

Get Fast, Cost-Effective Custom Syrup Research

In as little as a day, a new Syrup Trend Report can be customized to your needs, which could include: pancake, maple syrup, fruit syrup, chocolate syrup, breakfast, beverage, sugar, sweetener, nectar, flavor and syrup trends.
Other Sample Topics: Organic Branding, Connected Health, Workout, Food Blog, Feminine Hygiene, Same-Sex Marriage, Kombucha, Vegetarianism, Asian Culture, Lettuce, Sparkling Beverage, Contraception, Food Premiumization, Household Product, Sports Gear, Raw Diet, Recipe App, Health Product, Health App, Food Pairing, [More]

Sample Syrup Market Research Report

Our Syrup research includes hundreds of examples and Crowdsourced Consumer Insight®, hyperlinked to additional content on Trend Hunter, the world's #1 largest, most popular trend platform. Example slides:
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 1
    Familiarized Sweetener
    Opening sugar alternatives up to a bigger market through comfort foods
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 2
    Botanical Sweetener
    Plant-based sugar alternatives take over mass-marketed and small products
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 3
    Carbonated Antioxidant
    Sodas receive a health-conscious overhaul with good-for-you nutrients
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 4
    Atypical Sweetener
    Consumers swap refined sugars for natural-based alternatives
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 5
    Refreshed Libation
    Citrus flavors are added to alcoholic beverages for a health-conscious twist
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 6
    Burnt Bite
    Food and drink infused with toasted flavors offer a sophisticated profile
  • Syrup Trend Report Research Insight 7
    Customized Sweet
    Alternative sweeteners turn to familiar flavors for approachability

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