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The Donation Trend Report compiles a comprehensive set of crowd-sourced data regarding the channels that donations are made through, the ways that successful donation campaigns are started, as well as the types of projects that usually generate the most donations. Studying the digital facets that effective fundraising campaigns are now based upon, the report looks at the role of social media, apps and gamification in successful charity or aid campaigns. Finally, we examine the role of crowdfunding for small businesses or causes on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Who Custom Donation Market Research is For

This report is useful for leaders of charitable organizations or activist campaigns who would like to learn how to run more effective fundraising campaigns. It's also helpful for advising those who run philanthropic organizations and not-for-profits, which require donations in order to sustain themselves and create change. The Donation Trend Report collects data on the types of channels, marketing strategies and themes of effective fundraising campaigns for charitable organizations, small businesses or not-for-profits.

Get Fast, Cost-Effective Custom Donation Research

In as little as a day, a new Donation Trend Report can be customized to your needs, which could include: donating, charitable donation, philanthropy, charity, fundraising, donation campaigns, crowdfunding, financial donation, contribution, aid and donation trends.
Other Sample Topics: Non-Governmental Organizations, Activism, Crowdsource, Donation, Social Enterprise, Social Campaigning, Cause Marketing, Poverty, Social Business, Social Good, Social Cause, Online Learning, Business Development, For-Profit, Social Movement, Charity Campaign, Human Rights, Donating, Philanthrophy, Charitable Campaign, [More]

Sample Donation Market Research Report

Our Donation research includes hundreds of examples and Crowdsourced Consumer Insight®, hyperlinked to additional content on Trend Hunter, the world's #1 largest, most popular trend platform. Example slides:
  • Donation Trend Report Research Insight 1
    Digitized Donating
    Philanthropic initiatives turn to mobile apps for easy consumer access
  • Donation Trend Report Research Insight 2
    Charitable Tech
    Encouraging social good, organizations turn to tech innovations for mass appeal
  • Donation Trend Report Research Insight 3
    Charitable Co-Branding
    Brands use the popularity of collaborations to show off a charitable side
  • Donation Trend Report Research Insight 4
    Automated Donation
    Organizations use technology to integrate social good into a daily routine

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