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About the Charity Report

The Charity Trend Report contains astute research into the emerging patterns influencing non-profit organizations and industries all around the world. While charities like UNICEF, The Salvation Army and Red Cross attempt to get donation gifts for various causes, consumers are more cautious than ever as to where to put their hard-earned money. Our report breaks down charity work, foundation and charity events, as well as volunteer recruiting and issues surrounding children in need. It is important for businesses to understand the varying elements that affect consumer decision-making when it comes to charitable donations.

Who It's For

Our research is for many different companies across many different industries, regardless if you are a global corporation looking to join the fight against AIDS or a brand manager in search of new ideas that will help with social initiatives. Additionally, our report will assist social businesses and entrepreneurs looking to fuel innovation at their company.

Discover new and innovative ways to drive social initiatives, assist charitable ventures and support social businesses with consumer-based research found in the Charity Trend Report.

The Charity Trend Report, last published on Feb 23, 2015, includes 1 PRO Trends and 5 examples of charity market research and charity consumer trends related to: social initiatives, social businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, volunteering and charity trends.

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Our charity research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced charity articles and 2,529,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

Report Contents

• 1 Charity PRO Trends = 1 Powerpoint Pages Charity PPT Report
• 5 Charity Examples

Online Extras With Full Subscription

• 1 Charity Videos (Online) Charity Videos
• 30 Charity Images (Online) Charity Images
• Additional Niche Reports (with a full subscription): Non-Governmental Organizations, Charity and more!

Sample Charity Pro Trends

Each Charity PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online charity articles, videos and images. Examples:

Charity Trend Report sample slide 0
Eco Greeting
Consumers attempt to lower waste production by opting for greeting card alternatives
5 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS more Charity PRO Trends and 5 examples!

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