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About the Hot Tub Report - Trend Hunter’s Hot Tub Trend Report explores various designs in hot tubs, whirlpools and bathtubs, as well as day spas, salons and resorts that are wildly popular among consumers. Our research showcases consumer preferences when it comes to hot tubs, their fascination with cultural phenomenons like hot baths and how consumers desire to stay at hotels with luxurious amenities such as a state-of-the-art sauna or an opulent, in-room jacuzzi. Lastly, we explore innovative products made by acclaimed brands like Kohler, Arctic Spas, Vita and Hot Spot Spas.

Who It's For - Resort operators, hotel manager and day spa owners will find much value in our crowd-sourced data that can be leveraged to amplify marketing campaigns, branding promotions and advertisements. However, our hot tub research will also be lucrative for massage and relaxation therapists looking for concise insight that will give them the knowledge to tailor services to the needs of consumers.

Use the Hot Tub Trend Report to isolate emerging opportunities and identify key lifestyle changes among today’s consumer.

The Hot Tub Trend Report, last published on Oct 25, 2011, includes 2 PRO Trends and 15 examples of hot tub market research and hot tub consumer trends related to: day spas, whirlpools, luxury amenities, resorts, bathtubs and hot tub trends.

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trend research methodology Methodology - Our hot tub research is based on Trend Hunter's 15 crowdsourced hot tub trends and 1,918,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

What You'll Get:
• 2 Page / Slide Presentation Hot Tub PDF Report Hot Tub PPT Report
• 2 Page In-Depth Reading Report Hot Tub PDF Report

• 2 Hot Tub PRO Trends
• 15 Hot Tub Examples
• 2 Hot Tub Videos (Online) Hot Tub Videos
• 90 Hot Tub Images (Online) Hot Tub Images
• Additional Niche Reports (with a full subscription): Art Deco, Art, Bed, Museum, Contemporary Art, Storage, Fantasy, Lighting, Mirror, Tattoos, Paint, Street Art, Photo Editing, Business Card, Sculpture, Sofa, Paper, Chair, Restaurant, Flowers, Bath, Dining, Digital Art, Lamp, Graffiti, Bookshelf, Lawn Furniture, Jack-O-Lantern, Candle, Sink and more!

Sample Hot Tub Pro Trends - Each Hot Tub PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online hot tub articles, videos and images. Examples:

Variable Design Extremely adaptable products offer endless options to appease fickle tastes Implications - Last year, we saw the rise of adaptable furniture, convertible fashions and modular office spaces. Appealing to the consumer who requires changeability in everything he does, this design direction has grown to tremendous proportions, affecting almost every product category. Now, everything from convertible boats and bathtubs to changeable kitchens and even houses are available. Thus, the number of adaptable and versatile products seems limitless in this era of consistently changing tastes and preferences.
Variable Design
Extremely adaptable products offer endless options to appease fickle tastes
8 Examples + Score + Implications

Living the Fake Life A world of people are choosing to invest their time in Second Life over real Description - Second Life, owned by Linden Labs, is a user-generated, interactive 3D world which inhabited by millions of global internet users. The game allows users to use an avatar they create to socialize with other avatars, purchase services, products and real estate with Second Life currencies. Implications - Hundreds of international companies have used the Second Life platform for marketing, from putting up virtual billboards, to sending out virtual street teams, launching guerilla marketing campaigns and even setting up virtual versions of their real life stores. Real-life companies marketing to Second Life avatars can not only build brand awareness, but create a real following by interacting directly with consumers, and targeting specific markets based on interest.
Living the Fake Life
A world of people are choosing to invest their time in Second Life over real
7 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS -4 more Hot Tub PRO Trends and 15 examples!

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