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About the Gold Report

Trend Hunter’s Gold Trend Report uncovers the latest gold trends that influence everything from fashion to finance. The rate of gold prices today are higher than they have ever been; however, consumers still buy gold products in large quantities. But gold is not the only coveted luxury good these days, as silver and platinum remain popular among consumers too. While consumers may not be able to get their hands on an ounce of gold bullion, they are buying products inspired by or infused with the precious metal.

Who It's For

Bankers, finance executives, day traders, fashion designers, advertisers and retailers of gold jewelry are just a few examples of people who will find our data beneficial, as it gives insight into emerging patterns in the industry. Additionally, our crowd-sourced research will be useful to a wide variety of people who collect coins, sell antiques or scrap metals for a living because it will assist with identifying developing market opportunities.

From runways to Wall Street, discover how the latest gold trends are influencing a number of industries with consumer-based data found in the Gold Trend Report.

The Gold Trend Report, last published on Oct 28, 2015, includes 326 PRO Trends and 1,630 examples of gold market research and gold consumer trends related to: silver, precious metals, finance, fashion, jewelry and gold trends.

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Our gold research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced gold articles and 2,524,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

Report Contents

• 326 Gold PRO Trends = 326 Powerpoint Pages Gold PPT Report
• 1,630 Gold Examples

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• 228 Gold Videos (Online) Gold Videos
• 9,780 Gold Images (Online) Gold Images
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Sample Gold Pro Trends

Each Gold PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online gold articles, videos and images. Examples:

Gold Trend Report sample slide 0
Accessorized Eccentricity
DIY jewelry shifts toward bold aesthetics as a means for self-expression
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 1
Renaissance Revival
Renaissance themes are revisited to communicate sophistication
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 2
Stylized Purification
Filtration systems emphasize aesthetics as health becomes tied to status
8 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 3
Nostalgic Vessel
Craft beers feature prohibition era packaging for artisan appeal
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 4
Bespoke Gaming
Consumers get creative with customized takes on classic board games
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 5
Opulent Brew
Coffee brands launch high-end products suited to upscale consumer tastes
6 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 6
Couture Adventure
Fashion brands search for ways to communicate adventure to consumers
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Gold Trend Report sample slide 7
Museum 2.0
Cutting edge technology offers an upleveled museum guest experience
5 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS 320 more Gold PRO Trends and 1,630 examples!

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