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About the Strollers Report - The Stroller Trend Report focuses on products like baby seats, pushchairs, prams and double strollers, and highlights consumer trends captivating today’s parents. Child safety is an important issue that drives many innovations in products like booster seats, high chairs and buggies. And, while parents want to keep their babies safe in the car, home and on the street, it is imperative that companies in the industry understand changes in consumer interests and habits. To round out the report, we look at cultural trends persuading parents and innovative products from brands like Graco, Maclaren and Snuggle Bugz.

Who It's For - Our crowd-sourced research is best suited for parenting lifestyle companies, baby product manufacturers and large retailers like Sears and Target that want to drive innovation and create new campaigns to attract consumer attention.

Discover new innovations that are driving consumer interest while getting a better understanding of today’s baby product landscape with the Strollers Trend Report.

The Strollers Trend Report, last published on Jul 30, 2012, includes 2 PRO Trends and 11 examples of strollers market research and strollers consumer trends related to: baby seats, pushchairs, double strollers, high chairs, buggies and strollers trends.

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trend research methodology Methodology - Our strollers research is based on Trend Hunter's 11 crowdsourced strollers trends and 1,901,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

What You'll Get:
• 2 Page / Slide Presentation Strollers PDF Report Strollers PPT Report
• 2 Page In-Depth Reading Report Strollers PDF Report

• 2 Strollers PRO Trends
• 11 Strollers Examples
• 2 Strollers Videos (Online) Strollers Videos
• 66 Strollers Images (Online) Strollers Images
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Sample Strollers Pro Trends - Each Strollers PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online strollers articles, videos and images. Examples:

Kidaptive Design Products built with adjustability to accommodate growing children Implications - As both parents and designers know, caring for a child is expensive. As children get older, products that once fit them as babies are no longer suitable, meaning that parents must continue to spend money on new products. However, there is a growing direction in 'kidaptive design,' designs that are adjustable and adaptable to a growing child's needs. These include everything from furniture to footwear that will adjust in width and height, ensuring the product can still be used by the child and thereby alleviating financial stress from parents.
Kidaptive Design
Products built with adjustability to accommodate growing children
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Green Parenting Eco-conscious consumers pave the way for a new generation of green Implications - Eco-friendly parenting accessories will not only help consumers live more complete green lives, they’ll pave the way for a generation of wee eco crusaders. To continue the battle of maintaining mother nature, many eco activists are recruiting their children at younger and younger ages. While green living persists, so too will a market for eco-conscious kiddie innovations.
Green Parenting
Eco-conscious consumers pave the way for a new generation of green
6 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS -4 more Strollers PRO Trends and 11 examples!

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