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About the Bath Report

The Bath Trend Report uncovers the most up-to-date bathing trends popular with consumers, featuring everything from innovative shower and bathroom designs to uniquely branded soap and body bath salts. With the popularity of DIY projects on the steady incline, combined with a boom in home renovations, consumers are actively upgrading their living space by adding bathroom essentials such as a new bathtub, stainless steel faucets, and even bed and bath accessories like scented candles and body oils.

Who It's For

Our research will be beneficial for companies that manufacture hygiene products like soaps and shampoos, and are looking to trigger innovation and add creativity to product development, branding and advertising. Also, businesses that specialize in bathroom accessories and appliances will benefit from our data as it contains insight into consumer preferences, letting companies better position their products in the market.

Using the Bath Trend Report will allow companies in the industry to gain a competitive advantage while staying informed about the most cutting-edge bathing trends.

The Bath Trend Report, last published on Nov 25, 2015, includes 68 PRO Trends and 340 examples of bath market research and bath consumer trends related to: bathroom, home, candles, faucets, showers and bath trends.

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Our bath research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced bath articles and 2,530,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

Report Contents

• 68 Bath PRO Trends = 68 Powerpoint Pages Bath PPT Report
• 340 Bath Examples

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• 48 Bath Videos (Online) Bath Videos
• 2,040 Bath Images (Online) Bath Images
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Sample Bath Pro Trends

Each Bath PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online bath articles, videos and images. Examples:

Bath Trend Report sample slide 0
Experimental Grooming
Grooming products incorporate unexpected ingredients for allure
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 1
Carnal Cosmetics
Cosmetics turn to animal byproducts for potency and exoticism
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 2
Ritualized Sophistication
Asian cosmetics reference cultural practices for sophistication
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 3
Curative Cosmetics
Southeast Asian cosmetics brands illuminate ancient healing herbs
7 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 4
Marketing Holographic
Projected campaigns offer an ephemeral glimpse of the brand
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 5
Post-Gender Positioning
The gender-neutral movement includes offerings from all industries
6 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 6
Simplistic Skincare
The less-is-more approach to skincare appeals to consumers with sensitive skin
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Bath Trend Report sample slide 7
Exclusive Luxury
Ultra boutique hotels emphasize their small scale through upleveled services
4 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS 62 more Bath PRO Trends and 340 examples!

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