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About the Ankle Boot Report

The Ankle Boot Trend Reports delivers concise insight into ladies shoes, leather boots and footwear for men, as well as other boot trends making a mark on the footwear industry. We look at how thigh high and knee boots are still desired among consumers, but more specifically how the low-cut, ankle boot is steadily becoming a popular commodity in the fashion world. We also uncover trends set by companies like Dr. Marten’s, Fossil and UGG Boots.

Who It's For

Our research will benefit a number of people in various industries. Whether you are a leather manufacturer, footwear designer or shoe shop owner, our report will help you discover new ideas and give you renewed creativity to implement into your business strategies.

Stay on the forefront of today’s footwear trends made popular by consumers with Trend Hunter’s Ankle Boot Trend Report.

The Ankle Boot Trend Report, last published on Apr 17, 2011, includes 5 PRO Trends and 25 examples of ankle boot market research and ankle boot consumer trends related to: leather boots, wedges, knee boots, women's footwear, stiletto boots and ankle boot trends.

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Our ankle boot research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced ankle boot articles and 2,534,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

Report Contents

• 5 Ankle Boot PRO Trends = 5 Powerpoint Pages Ankle Boot PPT Report
• 25 Ankle Boot Examples

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• 4 Ankle Boot Videos (Online) Ankle Boot Videos
• 150 Ankle Boot Images (Online) Ankle Boot Images
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Sample Ankle Boot Pro Trends

Each Ankle Boot PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online ankle boot articles, videos and images. Examples:

Ankle Boot Trend Report sample slide 0
Consumers endure intense physical discomfort in the name of looking good
7 Examples + Score + Implications

Ankle Boot Trend Report sample slide 1
Comfort Steps
Unstable stilettos are pushed aside for supportive, wedged footwear
10 Examples + Score + Implications

Ankle Boot Trend Report sample slide 2
Geriatric Couture
Seniors become the anti-fashion inspiration for young people
12 Examples + Score + Implications

Ankle Boot Trend Report sample slide 3
Gender Bent Beauty
Men and women stray from adherence to traditional sex-oriented interests
11 Examples + Score + Implications

Ankle Boot Trend Report sample slide 4
Radical Flashion Backs
The revival of old fashion trends, taken to extremes
10 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS more Ankle Boot PRO Trends and 25 examples!

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