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About the Africa Report

From the best African food to critically acclaimed African films, the Africa Trend Report highlights trends from the world’s second largest continent. In recent years, we have traced many exciting trends originating from countries in Africa. Although standard holidays in Africa consist of a safari ride or celebrating with African people at a World Cup event, there are a host of innovative and cutting-edge developments making their way overseas. Whether it is eclectic African music or surrealist artwork, Africans are on the forefront of becoming a trend-setting community in many different industries.

Who It's For

This report will benefit everyone from fashion designers and creative directors to educators and Black History scholars. With our crowd-sourced data, users can leverage insight to create innovative products and services inspired by African products.

The Africa Trend Report keeps you up-to-date on trends in fashion, film, art, business and broadcasting that are not only popular in Johannesburg, but are gaining attention in New York, Paris and London as well.

The Africa Trend Report, last published on Nov 24, 2015, includes 80 PRO Trends and 400 examples of africa market research and africa consumer trends related to: African cuisine, safaris, African films, tribal music, tourism and africa trends.

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Our africa research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced africa articles and 2,530,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

Report Contents

• 80 Africa PRO Trends = 80 Powerpoint Pages Africa PPT Report
• 400 Africa Examples

Online Extras With Full Subscription

• 56 Africa Videos (Online) Africa Videos
• 2,400 Africa Images (Online) Africa Images
• Additional Niche Reports (with a full subscription): Hotels, Resorts, Tourism, Luggage, UK, B&B, Hostel, South America, Asia, Africa, North America and more!

Sample Africa Pro Trends

Each Africa PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online africa articles, videos and images. Examples:

Africa Trend Report sample slide 0
Alternative Dairy
Grain-based milk substitutes accommodate many dietary concerns
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 1
Inclusive Eating
Multiculturalism becomes a staple in fast-casual dining establishments
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 2
Display Interaction
Interactive displays appeal to consumers who want more shopping independence
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 3
Communal Wilderness
Nature-focused communities offer education and awareness about wildlife issues
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 4
Superfood Convenience
Consumers are drawn to frozen meals with nutrient-rich ingredients
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 5
Branded Awareness
Brands showcase environmental awareness through thoughtfully branded content
8 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 6
Adapted Education
Training specified to one demographic acknowledges different needs and styles
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Africa Trend Report sample slide 7
Restorative Refreshment
Iced tea drinks emphasize pure flavors to lure health-conscious consumers
4 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS 74 more Africa PRO Trends and 400 examples!

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