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About the Sink Report

The Sink Trend Report tracks developments in the interior design industry, specifically focusing on fixtures for bathroom or kitchen spaces. Our research compiles the latest innovations in plumbing fixtures for the home, which includes a wide variety of options, including double sink vanity innovations or trusted basics like stainless steel countertop designs to complement a kitchen sink. A water-conserving toilet will also pique the interest of environmentalists, while fun aquarium basins offer an opulent alternative to traditional bathroom sinks.

Who It's For

The Sink Trend Report is ideal for interior designers, plumbers, home renovation specialists or luxury good dealers who are looking to stay on top of home fixture trends.

Use the Sink Trend Report to gain valuable consumer insight into popular bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

The Sink Trend Report, last published on Oct 20, 2015, includes 76 PRO Trends and 380 examples of sink market research and sink consumer trends related to: faucets, plumbing fixtures, bathrooms, vanity mirrors, interior designs and sink trends.

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Our sink research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced sink articles and 2,531,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

Report Contents

• 76 Sink PRO Trends = 76 Powerpoint Pages Sink PPT Report
• 380 Sink Examples

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• 53 Sink Videos (Online) Sink Videos
• 2,280 Sink Images (Online) Sink Images
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Sample Sink Pro Trends

Each Sink PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online sink articles, videos and images. Examples:

Sink Trend Report sample slide 0
Airport Showroom
Brands install large-scale product exhibitions in high-traffic terminals
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 1
Portable Workplace
Millennials opt for on-the-go work spaces to suit their needs for flexibility
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 2
Audio Decor
Brands develop products that blend musical enjoyment with decor
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 3
Illuminated Rest
Companies develop lighting products that enhance sleep
5 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 4
Experiential Tea Time
Tea shops integrate specialty features to offer heightened customization
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 5
Upscale Tea
A need for public consumption has resulted in upscale tea-drinking experiences
4 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 6
Holistic Clean
Consumers opt for natural household products to stay eco-friendly
6 Examples + Score + Implications

Sink Trend Report sample slide 7
Experimental Hearty
Consumers are experimenting with inventive new soup flavors
5 Examples + Score + Implications

PLUS 70 more Sink PRO Trends and 380 examples!

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