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Find Better Ideas, Faster ® with an inspiring, cost-effective Custom outerwear trend report based on our Crowdsourced Consumer Insight ® and unparalleled study of 130,000,000 people.

Case Study: Custom Outerwear Trend Report

The Outerwear Trend Report follows the world of fashion trends, specifically focusing on the scarves, long coats and gloves that have captured the attention of consumers. Featuring leather jackets and warm winter parkas by iconic brands like Moncler to fleece and fur coats, our research analyzes both mainstream and fringe fashion culture influencing consumer consumption.

Who Custom Outerwear Market Research is For

Fashion designers, retail buyers, recreational skiers and snowboarders and outerwear manufacturers looking for inspiration will benefit from our research. Develop a better understanding of the needs of consumers with Trend Hunter’s Outerwear Trend Report.

Get Fast, Cost-Effective Custom Outerwear Market Research

The Outerwear Trend Report would be customized to your needs, which could include: winter parkas, leather jackets, fashion accessories, hats, scarves and outerwear trends.
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Market Research Methodology

Your dedicated researcher begins by consulting with you on the topic goals, desired depth, breadth and style of report or presentation you require. Next, we start researching using the world's #1 trend platform. With specialized tools, over 300,000 researched ideas and insight from 100,000,000 people, we're able to extract 95% of the steps and costs associated with custom research. Your 50 - 100 page PowerPoint report can be created in as little as a day if your request is urgent, although a typlical turnaround would be within the week. [More]

Other Sample Topics: Athletic Shoe, Underwear, Facial Product, Women's Fashion, Footwear Marketing, Winter, Bespoke, Minimilist Outerwear, Cosmetic, Diamond, Luxury Watch, Shoe, Male Hairstyle, Runways, Men's Accessories, Hipster Fashion, Office Wear, Costume, Winter Fashion, Retro Sneaker, [More]
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Sample Outerwear Market Research Report

Our Outerwear research includes hundreds of examples and Crowdsourced Consumer Insight®, hyperlinked to additional content on Trend Hunter, the world's #1 largest, most popular trend platform. Example slides:
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 1
    Geriatric Couture
    Seniors become the anti-fashion inspiration for young people
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 2
    Social Shopping
    Shopaholics are using social media for networking and retail therapy
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 3
    Democratic Selling
    Online retailers rely on customer votes to push production
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 4
    Rise of the Tease
    Fashions that rest on the border of risqué
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 5
    90s Vintage
    Start of a new decade makes grunge looks of the 90s outdatedly hip
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 6
    Real life is simulated in photorealistic artworks that defy deception
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 7
    Half Formal
    Classed up business casual is a reflection of the new corporate attitude
  • Outerwear Trend Report Research Insight 8
    The too-cool-for-school tribe receives some major backlash
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