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Find Better Ideas, Faster ® with an inspiring, cost-effective Custom dinner trend report based on our Crowdsourced Consumer Insight ® and unparalleled study of 130,000,000 people.

Case Study: Custom Dinner Trend Report

The Dinner Trend Report features the most popular food trends and dinner ideas in the restaurant and kitchen supply industry. With many individuals looking to save money, consumers have cut excess costs by throwing potluck dinner parties, or focusing on lunch and brunch as their main meal of the day. Meanwhile, healthy recipes and meals have also been on the increase, as people are now turning to salads or greens for dinner options. Our Dinner Trend Report provides crucial insight into the evolving market and how restaurants and food retailers are adjusting to consumer patterns.

Who Custom Dinner Market Research is For

Our crowd-sourced research is ideal for those in the food industry. Companies will find inspiration for restaurant concepts that adhere to current consumer trends, such as digital dinner bills and unique cutlery designs perfect for any dinner party, in the Dinner Trend Report. Our Dinner Trend Report provides valuable insight on tracking consumer trends and patterns to incite new marketing strategies and product designs in the food industry.

Get Fast, Cost-Effective Custom Dinner Market Research

The Dinner Trend Report would be customized to your needs, which could include: dinner ideas, restaurant, potluck dinner parties, recipes, food and dinner trends.
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Market Research Methodology

Your dedicated researcher begins by consulting with you on the topic goals, desired depth, breadth and style of report or presentation you require. Next, we start researching using the world's #1 trend platform. With specialized tools, over 300,000 researched ideas and insight from 100,000,000 people, we're able to extract 95% of the steps and costs associated with custom research. Your 50 - 100 page PowerPoint report can be created in as little as a day if your request is urgent, although a typlical turnaround would be within the week. [More]

Other Sample Topics: Macaron, Condiment, Smoothie, Health Service, Dance, QSR Design, Venue, Gourmet Food, Craft Beverage, Edibles, Office Networking, Granola Bar, Libation, Emotion, Pet Tech, Transparency, Sport Equipment, Consumption, Autism, Clothing Subscription, [More]
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Sample Dinner Market Research Report

Our Dinner research includes hundreds of examples and Crowdsourced Consumer Insight®, hyperlinked to additional content on Trend Hunter, the world's #1 largest, most popular trend platform. Example slides:
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 1
    Rise of the Tease
    Fashions that rest on the border of risqué
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 2
    Minimal Impulse
    Tendency towards bare simplicity in home design and furniture
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 3
    Social Cooking
    Preparing food becomes a social affair with apps, tools and games
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 4
    Selling Mystique
    Exclusionary and elusive experiences appeal to consumers
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 5
    Experiential Eating
    Luring patrons with more than physical aesthetics and good food
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 6
    Polka Dot Poise
    The traditional print is no longer confined to informal, girlish attire
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 7
    Digital Dining
    Restaurants augment customer experience through use of technology
  • Dinner Trend Report Research Insight 8
    Ramen Obsession
    The instant noodle is taking on new, unabashedly unhealthy forms
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