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About the Chemicals Report

The Chemicals Trend Report examines trends and products on the cutting-edge of various chemical industries. With our research, businesses will discover why consumers have shifted to eco-friendly house cleaning products versus chemical products that harm the environment. Also featured in the report are groundbreaking alternatives that use innovative chemical technology such as synthetic materials and organic chemicals.

Who It's For

Whether you are a chemical company looking to expand its brand, a retailer of cleaning products or the operator of a chemical plant, our vast array of crowd-sourced data allows you to isolate and identify trends popular among consumers. Scientists, engineers and manufacturers looking to stay on the forefront of the latest chemical innovations will find great value in our Chemicals Trend Report.

Using the Chemicals Trend Report will allow companies to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry by examining consumer-based data and utilizing it to create innovative products and services.

The Chemicals Trend Report, last published on Dec 31, 1969, includes 0 PRO Trends and 0 examples of chemicals market research and chemicals consumer trends related to: cleaning products, synthetic materials, organic chemicals, formulas, science and chemicals trends.

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Our chemicals research is based on Trend Hunter's crowdsourced chemicals articles and 2,533,000,000 total views of data. [Learn More]

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Sample Chemicals Pro Trends

Each Chemicals PRO Trend is on its own slide with implications, a quantified score, and examples linked to online chemicals articles, videos and images. Examples:

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